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2nd Jul 2024

Roderick Woodruff: Harmonies, Heartbreaks, and Homelands

In this episode of "In the Key of Q," host Dan Hall interviews the talented queer musician Roderick Woodruff. Roderick, a Brooklyn-based singer with roots in Detroit, shares his journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. He recounts his childhood in a musical, church-going family in Detroit, his experiences of homophobia, and his eventual rejection of the music world after a confrontation with a high school music teacher. This rejection led him to acting, and later, to embracing his identity as a queer artist, channeling his experiences into his music and plays, including his off-Broadway show "A Boy's Room."

Roderick discusses his latest album "The In-Between," which was inspired by his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, a breakup, and his personal growth. He also touches on the significance of queer spaces and the empowerment found in embracing one's identity against societal norms. The episode wraps up with Roderick recommending "Have You Lost Your Mind" as an introductory song to his music, highlighting its deep personal relevance and catchy nature.

In the Key of Q is a weekly podcast featuring inspiring Queer musicians from around the world as they share stories, inspirations and of course their music.

Theme tune is by Paul Leonidou and many thanks to Moray for his continued support.

The podcast can be reached on email with the main website here. Would you like to appear on the show? Or have an artist you'd like to recommend, please tell them to get in touch via email.

Presenter and Producer Dan Hall is a documentary producer / director, and his showreel can be found here.

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